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The Association Award For someone who has made a significant contribution to the process of teaching, coaching, officiating or administration within Scottish Volleyball.




2014      Lorna Christie
2013 Brian McDougall
2011 Iain Parker
2007 John Orr
2006 Grieg Wilson
2005 Lynne MArshall & Nisbet Duffin
2004 Colin McGinley
2003 Brian McDougall
2002 Martin Blacklaws
2001 Belinda Warnock
1999 Nicos Scholaris
1998 Sharon Drysdale
1997 Vince Krawczyk 
1996 Sandy Steel 
1995 George Binnie
1994 Ian McGowan
1993 Jim McKenna
1992 Thomas Downes 
1991 John French