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Official FIVB Rules 2013-16

1. A match is played to the best of 3 sets

2. The first 2 sets are played to 21 points and if a 3rd set is required it is played to 15 points. All sets must be won by 2 clear points. Rally points system is used, meaning that a point is scored after each rally irrespective of which team served. 3. Change sides every 7 points in the first 2 sets, in a 3rd set change sides every 5 points.

4. The team captain who wins the toss at the start of the game can choose either

* Serve/Reception

* Side

In the second set, the other captain has the same choice. In a 3rd set, the toss is repeated.

5. Number yourselves 1 and 2 and maintain your serving order throughout the match.

6. Receiving : The service receive must be clean, there is no tolerance. The hands being together or apart makes no difference, the contact must be clean. (It is advisable, however, when using an overhand pass to have your hands touching to avoid being called for a double-touch.)

7. Setting : An over hand set must be clean – the rules are strict on double touches.

8. Attacking : You cannot tip an attack, and you can only volley the ball over the net if you play the ball exactly in the direction your shoulders are facing (forwards or backwards). Anything else is fine.

9. Blocking : A block touch counts as the first touch if it comes back on your side. You only have 2 further touches to get the ball back over. As with indoor volleyball you are allowed 2 consecutive touches in this case, but then your partner must send the ball over.

10. Defending : In defence, a hard driven ball can be played overhand any way at all. If the ball is not hard-driven, if it is played overhand then your hands must be together.

11. A ball is called IN if any part of the ball touches any part of the line.

12. There is no centre line, therefore foot or body infringements into the opponents court do not count unless they are dangerous or interfere with opponent play.

13. One time out is allowed per team per set.

14. 12 seconds are allowed between the whistle ending a rally and the whistle to serve. A player may request extra time to remove sand if necessary.