The Talent Development and Identification Seminar

In the words of some of those who attended…..

“ The Seminar and Workshops were excellent; promoted very interesting discussions and helped focus minds on a collective vision”
F Fairbairn – Volleyball Coach.

“Extremely thought provoking.  Made me think about how I can develop all age groups.  Made me think about the quality of the delivery of all sessions”
S Raeburn – Physical Education Teacher.

“ Nice to see so many people passionate about volleyball.”
L McReady – International Volleyball Player.

Saturday 10th September was a good day for Scottish Volleyball.  When the Talent Development and Identification Seminar was in the early planning stages we had hoped to attract around 30 delegates – we had over 50 sign up.

The excellence of the day was assured with the quality of the keynote address by Professor John Lyle, and it continued throughout the various workshops that took place.  The focus of attention and enthusiasm of the participants was testimony to their interest in Scottish Volleyball – it was a great day.

My thanks to all who participated, in particular to Professor Lyle for his outstanding delivery, to the SVA Staff Tutors for their support, and to the delegates who filled the day with questions, with their energy and with many many smiles.

The final comment belongs to Tommy Lennox – another PE teacher
“I really enjoyed the day and would definitely recommend others to John Lyleattend future Seminars organised by the SVA. “











Photograph of Professor John Lyle