Beach Volleyball Performance Plans 2020-2022

If your answer is Yes then Scottish Volleyball want to work with you and share our plans to qualify both a Women’s team and a Men’s team to Birmingham 2022. This is not a simple, guaranteed, or straight-forward road, but we are building a plan around our ambition and we want you to shape and achieve it with us.  

Scottish Volleyball will be hosting a webinar at 7pm on Tuesday the 29th of September to further discuss our Performance Plan including timeline and phases.

he route to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games requires qualification and involves selections. In beach volleyball you qualify the country and select the athletes/team(s).  

What this means is that the first job is to qualify Scotland to the games via the athlete allocation schedule:  

  1. Following the award of the Host CGA slot, the top five (5) CGA Nations on the FIVB World Ranking (Men and Women) as of 31st March 2022 will earn direct qualification.  
  1. CEV Continental Representation Tournament; Winner/Highest ranked behind already qualified CGA(s) *Host/Top 5 WR direct qualification  
  1. Bipartite Invitation: Application for 1 CGA place allocated per gender from CGA not already qualified. Assessed between January 2021 and March 2022 *CGAs to be considered by the Bipartite Commission must participate in the Continental Representation events.  


The 2022 CWG Beach Volleyball athlete allocation schedule allows us to build our qualification pathway and standards towards qualification. However, we must also be aware of the Team Scotland standard outlined in the Birmingham 2022 General Selection Policy; All invitations for teams will be accepted subject to evidence of performance showing potential to place in the top six in the Commonwealth.  

Scottish Teams wishing to enter FIVB recognised events in pursuit of entry/world ranking points can do so via FIVB VIS by informing Scottish Volleyball. VIS allows National Federations to register beach volleyball athletes for all FIVB Competitions and allows athletes to directly modify their personal information. The National Federation (NF) can use their login details only to enter their National teams in all FIVB Competitions, while the athletes can use their login details only to access their personal data and amend it where necessary. Currently there are no FIVB tour events with entry/world ranking points available due to COVID-19 (Sept 2020 – regular updates available on FIVB website). At this stage of the pandemic Scottish Volleyball will not be entering Scottish teams for FIVB international competition(s). This will be reviewed regularly and scheduled for review ahead of the official CWG 2022 qualification window (January 2021-March 2022).  

Scottish Volleyball will be required to select a team per gender to enter and compete for Scotland in the CEV Continental Representation Tournament(s). Following an invitation to compete at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the Team Scotland General Selection Policy and Sport Specific Policy will be applied.  


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If your answer is Yes it is possible to apply for funding to support your Performance Training plans (Sept 20-Jan 21). You would be required to meet the CWG eligibility criteria, be a member of Scottish Volleyball, complete a Phase 1 Application Form and submit your winter Performance Training Plan, Performance Training Plan Budget and 2021/2022 Performance Plan (training & competition) by email to *Including, as required, all relevant COVID-19 considerations, Risk Assessment(s), Risk Mitigation(s) & Guidance adherence documentation.  

The Phase 1 Application Form and submitted documents will be performance assessed and feedback will be given as to the success of the application and funding support that can be made available.  

There will be an opportunity to take part in a question and answer related to the Phase 1 Application Form at 7pm on Tuesday the 29th of September as part of the Performance Plans webinar. 

If your answer is Yes Sign Up to listen to more detail and ask questions about the Scottish Volleyball Beach Volleyball Performance Plans 7pm Tuesday, the 29th of September. During the webinar details of Scottish Volleyball’s performance phasing and timeline towards Birmingham 2022 will be explained. The webinar will be recorded and will be available as a video filefor those who are unable to attend the live event.