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Broughty Ferry 2011

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16 July 2011

[Broughty Ferry Results 2011]

Broughty Ferry began and ended with rain, but for the most part players enjoyed a surprisingly good day, with warmth, no wind and the sun even peeping through at times.

Polish duo Konrad Krawcyzk and Marcin Mosinski were heavy favourites to take the men's title and Melissa Coutts and Natalja Durkaca even heavier favourites to snatch victory in the women's competition.
But there were 11 other pairs all hoping to cause an upset for the top seeds in both sides of the tourney.

Although Mel and Natalja were the bookies favourites, you couldn't have slipped a Sunday Post between the rest of the field - all eight of the other girls are highly talented players and some great volleyball ensued, with many tight games and long rallies.

In the end though, Mel Coutts showed age is no barrier to perfection, with a display of powerful, accurate hitting and an almost preternatural ability to know where the ball was going when in defence.

Their fellow finalists, Shelly Paterson and Ashley Dennis fought hard but they couldn't overcome the favourites, going down 2-0.

In the men's game, the game pairing of tournament organiser Jack McKeown and Cypriot campaigner Giannos Panayiotakis were no match for Konrad Krawczyk and Marcin Mosinski, crashing out 2-0 in the semi final and eventually finishing third.

The other semi final saw veteran beach specialist Colin Paterson and his larger than life American counterpart James Jensen take on two of the biggest up and coming talents of Scottish volleyball in the form of high leaping 19 year old Jamie McHardy and ultra-confident Seain Cook - son of the seasoned Dundee player Iain.

The first set saw the young blades blast the older men into the weeds, hammering them with powerful hits and serves to take the set with a decising 21-7 scoresheet.

Frantic discussions ensued between sets and Paterson/Jensen started the second set with a new gameplan - dirtball!

In Colin's own words: "If we tried to outhit them, we were going to lose, our only chance was dirtball.

The next two sets saw Cook and McHardy bamboozled by a baffling series of third, second and even first ball attacks as Paterson pulled out every trick in his considerable arsenal in a bid to throw the youngsters off their game.

It worked, and they scraped through to the final where Krawczyk and Mosinski had too much firepower and too much court generalship to be taken unawares. The Polish pair walked away worthy winners.

Big thanks must go to all who turned up at 7am in the rain to set up - Colin Paterson, James Jensen, Konrad Krawczyk, Kim Fuller, Aleks Toloczko, Emma Clarkson, Anna Fischer and Giannos Panayiotakis. And an extra pat on the back to Dundee University's Stephanie Smith for running tournament admin on a grand total of zero hours sleep, and Freddie Fairbairn for sterling minibus driving duties.

Surely next year we're due some sun?

Jack McKeown