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Glasgow River Festival 2008

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18-20 July 2008

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Glasgow played host to two fun filled days of volleyball action as the second stop of the Dodge Urban Beach Tour kicked off alongside the city's annual river festival.

Glasgow River Festival

The lack of beach didn't prove a problem as over 200 tonnes of sand was used to create a beach court on the banks of the Clyde. The 3-day event started on Friday with junior coaching taken by Gillian Lyall and Karen Grossart, who were to stay on to play in the Elite event at the weekend. The Friday also saw the start of a 4-a-side event which saw 4 teams progress to the final rounds on the Saturday morning. The final of the beach 4’s saw Team McGilveray narrowly beat Team Baz before the Elite event started at midday.

The Elite event saw the top teams qualifying from the Scottish Tour playing with great crowds of spectators watching some fantastic action with Graeme Easton providing commentary.

Sunday saw the semi-finals and finals and with the heat being turned up, the mens final saw match points for Gordon Teoh and Konrad Krawczyk before the number one Scottish ranked pair of Graham Riddle and Barry McGuigan sneaked in to take the title.

In the women’s event, Mel Coutts and Eilidh Smith went unbeaten all weekend and took the final in straight sets against Gillian Lyall and Karen Grossart.

Final results:
1. Graham Riddle/Barry McGuigan
2. Gordon Teoh/Konrad Krawczyk
3. Colin Paterson/Seain Cook
4. Sebastian Bitzer/Mauricio Lopez

1. Mel Coutts/Eilidh Smith
2. Gillian Lyall/Karen Grossart
3. Michelle Paterson/Amy Fuller
4. Claire Penny/Sara Cooney