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King and Queen of the Beach, St Andrews 2011

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23 July 2011

[King & Queen of the Beach Results 2011]    [Pictures]

The King and Queen of the Beach is an event where you enter as an individual and play with everyone in your pool against the others to amass points individually. The winner is the player with the most points.

The format is a hugely successful one which provides players with an opportunity to play with people they may not normally play with. Players may even gain some tips from the more experienced players along the way.

The day began with glorious blue skies and no wind, but as the day progressed the wind increased and this had a bearing on results.

In the women’s competition, current Scottish Tour leader, Anna Fischer injured herself and had to pull out. So the final four consisted of Shelly Paterson, Aileen Hall, Emma Clarkson and Francesa Delnevo.

Match 1 saw Shelly and Francesca comfortably take the first set against Aileen and Emma before Aileen and Emma got their bearings and took the second set 21-19.

The second match saw Francesca and Aileen beat Shelly and Emma, 21-14, 21-16.

In the final match Shelly and Aileen comfortably beat Emma and Francesca, 21-8, 21-14.

This meant that Shelly Paterson was runner-up and Aileen Hall was the new Queen of the Beach 2011.

Finalists of Queen of the Beach 2011

In the men’s competition, the joint leader of the Scottish Tour also injured himself in the qualifying pool. This meant that the semi-finalists were Marcin Mosinski, Lenard Sobieracki, Sam Paaka, Jamie Salvin, James Jensen, Colin Paterson, Lukasz Wozniak and Gaspard Brisac.

Qualifying into the final four were Marcin, Lenard, James and Colin. Match one was Marcin and James against Colin and Lenard. Colin and Lenard took the first set comfortably 21-12. Marcin and James fought hard in the second set however just lost 21-20.

The second match saw the Polish boys take on the established partnership of James and Colin. Marcin and Lenard narrowly took the first set 21-19 before James and Colin stepped up a gear to take the second set 21-16.

As in the women’s event, the final match in the men's competition saw the eventual runner-up and winner play their final match together. Marcin and Colin played James and Lenard. Marcin and Colin won this comfortably 21-11, 21-13 and saw Colin Paterson defend his King of the Beach title.

Finalists of King of the Beach 2011

A huge thanks to everyone who helped put up nets and marquee early on Saturday morning and help to take down again at the end of the day. A special thanks to Davey McEwan who is always there to help, take photographs for our galleries and who made up the numbers in a pool when Konrad was injured. Another special thanks to Mary Cook who ran the scorers table and ensured the event ran smoothly.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank James Jensen who is returning to the USA and for whom this was probably his last ever Scottish Tour Beach event after 3 years on the Tour. Not only was he a great beach partner to me, he has made countless friends and made a huge impression on the Beach Volleyball scene in Scotland and in particular in St Andrews. We’ll miss ya buddy!

Colin Paterson