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4 May 2013

[Scottish Universities 2013 Results]  

To have 17 men's and 17 women's pairs competing is an excellent response at a busy time of the season for students.  Although the weather was not ideal, the competitors clearly were enjoying the event and it was a great advert for both students and beach volleyball.

38 teams participated from many different areas of Scotland. It was nice to see Adam Smith College participating in the 4v4 competition with some great rallies and a lot of team work. You can praise the students who played for many reasons,  i would like to thank them for the ethos they displayed through the whole competition. From helping the organizers set up to respecting fair play and being genuinely nice. In the words of one of the partcipants "it was cold but is was fun" which summarizes my thoughts about my life in Scotland the past 7 years.

Around 80 students played beach volleyball from 10:00 am to around 6:30pm.  Thats a lot of people playing for a lot of time. And its a good and promising start for the long expected Scottish Beach Volleyball Tour. In my opinion this is where the crucial link for the future will take place and this is where the success of this tournament will be determined.

Women's Final

The St Andrews 4 women's team of Britt Martin and Sloan Woods, playing in a positive and strong manner, managed to reach the final where Stirling women Emma Clarkson and Steph Vickers played particularly well with a variety of shots and a good rapour between them they reached a great result for their club and wrote history as the first ever Stirling women to win a student beach volleyball event.

Women's Winners

In the men's tournament Edinburgh 1 dominated the Stirling 1 team by serving particularly well and having more calm in their decision making reached a fair victory. Stirling men tried in the first set 21-19 but didnt manage to compete in the second 21-13.

Men's Winners

Special thanks to Colin Paterson who  once again helped in building the courts from 7:00am and with the coordination of the game sequencing throughout the day. It was good to have the assistance of St Andrews Beach Volleyball Club and some heroic Stirling students  who were there early to support us and set up.

And of course special thanks to Heather Malcolm who was there to help with the coordination of the games and as a truly professional archivist she kept the scores and figures accurately and helped students with everything.

It was great to see students from Dundee, Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Queen Margaret, St Andrews, Stirling, Abertay and Adam Smith College.

May the wind be behind your back, although many of you quickly realised that its better to play against the wind when you play beach volleyball.

Ioannis Panayiotakis