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18 June 2011

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It was a fine day down at Troon for our annual beach tournament- the weather was far better than expected and those who decided not to come down missed out on what was to be one of the tightest tournaments so far! We may not have had sun but the calm conditions and ‘balmy’ temperatures and the perfect condition of the beach made for excellent playing conditions!

In the men’s competition there was a few ‘firsts’ for Troon! We had the first 60 year old to play on centre court and win his first set and then complain bitterly about not getting another shot on centre court for the rest of the day! (Well done Vince- centre court is reserved for you next year!) We had our first highly entertaining ‘how not to break into a car’ routine that kept all the passers by amused and even involved a few of them-locking keys in the car is never a good move, eh Lenard! And we had our first win at Troon for Konrad and his partner Marcin (Konrad has previously won with Colin Paterson-who finished third with Ioannis) they were delighted to win after their second 3 set match of the day against Alan Krawczyk and Mets Player of the Year Ryan McLeod (21-13, 14-21, 15-12) who was still suffering from his player of the year celebrations!  Semi Finalists were Colin Paterson and Ioannis Panayiotakis v Konrad Krawczyk and Marcin Mosinski (14-21, 16-21) and well done to Stuart Caldwell and Martin Mullen who did well to fish fourth overall after losing to Alan Krawczyk and Ryan McLeod (15-21, 16-21). All teams had very close games and it made for an enjoyable competition. A special well done to the U16 pairing of Connall Tennant and Chris McHardy, they really did step up their game to play in the men’s div 1.

Mens Winners - Konrad Krawczyk and Marcin Mosinski

The women’s competition saw a 5 team pool played out with the winners Mel Coutts and Gillian Lyall managing not to show their age and finishing without dropping a set. However 2nd and 3rd place was a close call with an exciting 3 set match between Elaine Krawczyk and Linsey Bunten v’s Anna Fischer and Johanna Holten with the Troon pair picking up their game to secure the win and 2nd place. Well done to U19’s Katharina Lynch and Laura Sproule who did very well in the senior pool!

Womens Winners - Mel Coutts and Gillian Lyall

My usual eternal thanks to the Troon Troops who came and helped – Gordon Cree (who also deserves a medal for stepping in to partner Vince after his original partner thought better of it!) Elaine Krawczyk as ever, Emma Pell, Caroline Clayton and a better late than never appearance by Linsey Bunten. Thanks also to Steph McCall who ruled the scorers table with an iron fist!

A further thanks to Nina Bauer and Martin Beaton for their expert refereeing and patience.


Our referees for the day - Nina Bauer and Martin Beaton

Until next year!

Gillian Lyall.