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World Police & Fire Brigade Games 2013

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World Police & Fire Brigade Games 2013 Monday 5th – Thursday 8th 

Beach Volleyball Refereeing @ Port Rush

I Arrived in Belfast on Monday afternoon and was picked up by one of the Volunteers along with some of the English referees.

We were taken to get our accreditation in Belfast before being driven to our hotel in Port Rush. After dropping off our bags and grabbing a bite to eat we headed down to the beach for a meeting and to help set up the remainder of the nets, lines, fencing, referee stands and anything else that needed done. This went on until we ran out of light.

On the opening day of the tournament the first ball was scheduled for 10 am. Due to many reasons; last minute court preparation, players not turning up, the referees still having to give clinics to the volunteers for ball retrieving and line judging we were behind schedule. At around 11am the more experienced referees were paired up with the newly qualified Northern Irish Referees and the games got underway.

The refereeing was challenging because of the clear difference in ability levels between some of the teams. Some of the better teams had played on the World Tour circuit and for other teams it was the first time they had played Volleyball. At times finding the appropriate level to referee at was interesting to say the least.

From the games I was involved in all the teams seemed to have a great time and entered into the “Spirit of the Games”. My last game as a referee was the (penultimate) bronze medal match. The match ran smoothly and I enjoyed the challenge and atmosphere.


Jamie Salvin.