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Beach Tour Results and Rankings update

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As we head towards the sixth event in our summer calendar here's a quick recap on the results so far. It is looking as if it may be a sprint finish to see who will be crowned tour champion and even more so to who will qualify for entry to the championship finals.

The Championship Finals will take place on Saturday 7th September - to be eligible to enter both players in the pair must have competed in a minimum of 4 single gender beach tour events. Ranking for the Championship Finals will be based on the combined best four results. There are 3 events to go: Troon - Saturday 6 August; St Andrews - Saturday 17 August; Edinburgh - Saturday 24 August. So, if you've played in 1 event so far this season then entering the remaining 3 will make you eligible for entry to the Championship Finals.

Enter here: http://bit.ly/SVAevents


Open table in new window: http://bit.ly/BVSRESULTS2019