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Edinburgh kicks off the Scottish Beach Volleyball tour 2019 and entries are now open. Yes! It’s finally here. The 2019 Scottish Beach Tour opens in Edinburgh on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th of June. A weekend packed full of beach volleyball.

Saturday will see men, women and junior pairs spring into action competing over 8 categories all playing for event medals and of course the coveted tour points. Each tour point gained will help in the player's quest to being crowned overall tour champion as well as gaining valuable qualifying points for the prize Championship Finals on Saturday 7th September. (Sunday will see a slightly more relaxed affair with Mixed 2s & 4s on offer)

Players can expect a minimum of 4 matches. Local amenities are available on beachfront.

Entering the Event

A player may only enter one category at each event. The maximum number of teams allowed in any 2-a-side Division 1 category will be 16. If more than 16 teams
enter then the highest ranking 16 teams (including any wildcards) will play in Division 1. The remaining teams will be entered into Division 2.

The cost of entry for each event is £16 per team, £8 for Junior categories.

All players must be a registered member of the Scottish Volleyball Association - this membership will cover beach and indoor from May 2019 - April 2020. Once you & your teammate have your membership numbers then event registration is a couple of simple clicks.

Enter BVS 1 Here

What will you need to register?

As all entrants into the competition will need to be a member of the SVA they will have a unique Member ID, which can be found on their profile.

Required info:

Member ID (Found on Membership Profile)
First Name


10:00     Modified Pool Play
14:00     Classications
17:00     Final


Men       Division 1 (Max 16 Teams)
Men       Division 2 / Under 18
Boys      Under 16
Boys      Under 14

Women Division 1 (Max 16 Teams)
Women  Division 2 / Under 18
Girls       Under 16
Girls       Under 14

Team Seeding

For the first event of the tour season (Edinburgh, BVS 1, Saturday 8th June 2019)2-a-side categories will be seeded based upon the sum of the player’s average points from the previous season. The seeding thereafter will be based upon the sum of the player’s average points from the current season. KQOB seeding will be the individual average points.


Wildcards may be allocated if a team who has no current Scottish Tour ranking wishes to enter a Scottish Tour event. Wildcard applications should be made via this link (http://bit.ly/BeachWildcard).

Further Information

For further information, event updates, players guide and future dates please visit the beach section on the Scottish Volleyball Association website (http://bit.ly/BVS2019) or Beach Volleyball Scotland Facebook page (http://bit.ly/BVSfacebook)