City of Edinburgh win all eight national cups as they become history makers *** City of Edinburgh Women come from 2 sets down to win in 5 and take the SVL Premier title *** City of Glasgow Ragazzi men retain their SVL Premier title and will head to Cup Finals to try and win the treble *** Edinburgh Jets win the Men's League One titile today in Dundee *** Kamikaze Seaton are Men’s League Two Champions *** University of Edinburgh II are Women’s League One Champions
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Rules of the Tour

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Event Entry

To be eligible to enter any of the Scottish Beach Volleyball Tour events, all players must sign the Player Disclaimer, complete the Player Registration Form and, if under the age of 18, complete the Parent/Guardian Consent Form.

Entries must be received by the SVA office no later than the closing date for each tournament accompanied by the appropriate payment.

Late entries will not be accepted.

For senior 2-a-side events, late entry will incur an extra charge (see below).

A player may only enter one category at each event. For events other than the King & Queen of the Beach (KQOB), the maximum number of teams allowed in any 2-a-side Division 1 category will be 16. If more than 16 teams enter then the highest ranking 16 teams (including any wildcards) will play in Division 1. The remaining teams will be entered into Division 2. For the King & Queen of the Beach (KQOB) event, the maximum number of teams in any division will be 16.

You can register & enter online.

Any number of events can be entered on the attached form. The cost of entry for each event is £16 per team, £8 for Junior categories (KQOB - £8 per person, £4 for Juniors).

Late entries for senior 2-a-side events will be £20. (Entry on time means payment with SVA Office by deadline.)

All cheques to be made payable to the Scottish Volleyball Association. Confirmation of entry will be sent by email shortly after the entry deadline, detailing any other final arrangements such as organised social events, accommodation lists, campsites and an emergency contact number.

Event Categories (excluding King & Queen of the Beach)

Men's 2-a-side (Divisions 1 and 2)
Women's 2-a-side (Divisions 1 and 2)
Junior Men's 2-a-side (under 18, under 16 & under 14)
Junior Women's 2-a-side (under 18, under 16 & under 14)

(Juniors need to be under 18, 16 or 14 on 1st May 2017)

The organisers reserve the right to merge or delete categories if there are
insufficient entries.

SVA Contact details

Scottish Volleyball Association,
48 The Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

Tel: 0131 556 4633

Fax: 0131 557 4314


Event Times

Registration time is between 9:15am and 9:45am with a players meeting at 9:45am. Play begins at 10am. Subsequent matches will start 5 minutes after the end of the previous match. It is the player’s responsibility to consult tournament organisers to find out when they are next due on court. Sanctions may be imposed for lateness (particularly for the 2-a-side categories), as described by the table below:



>10 minutes > Loss of warm up

>20 minutes >Loss of 1st set

>30 minutes > Loss of match

Doping & Alcohol

Players shall at no time take to the court whilst under the influence of any illegal or banned substances as outlined by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). Testing for illegal substances may be carried out at events. Players found in breach of the WADA policy will be subject to sanctions outlined in the WADA policy and also further sanctions through the SVA anti - doping regulations.

See for more information.

Players shall at no time consume alcohol whilst involved in playing or officiating in a match. Players shall at no time consume alcohol whilst remaining in the tournament draw for that day.


Players are required to referee and score matches. (Details of forthcoming refereeing courses will be made available via the SVA website). During pool play, referees are allocated, however after Pool play, the losing team should always be available to officiate the next match on the same court if required.

FIVB rules (2017-2020) will be used throughout the Scottish Tour. Format for
events other than the King & Queen of the Beach Events will run with pool play
with 4 teams per pool (where possible). Top 2 from each pool will go forward into the knock-out stage of the draw.

Pool Play - Best of 3 sets to 15 points

(Organisers may change to Normal FIVB scoring dependent on Entry Numbers)

Classification - Normal FIVB Scoring

For pool matches, 2 points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a loss and 0 for a
default. Finish order in a pool is determined by pool points, then sets difference, then score difference. If teams still tied, then the result between the tied teams will be used.

Format for King & Queen of the Beach Event is 2-a-side only and will run with pools of 4 players where everyone plays with each player in their pool against the others, making 3 matches in each pool. Matches will be 1 set to 21 points, capped at 21 for all pools until the final pool when 2 sets to 21 points will be used. Finish order in a pool is determined by points scored. If players are tied then a play-off is played with the tied players taking partners on the toss of a coin. Top 2 from each pool will go through into the next round of matches (this may vary depending on numbers). The other players will be involved in play-off

Team Seeding

For the first event in Edinburgh, 2-a-side categories will be seeded based upon the sum of the player’s average points from 2016. The seeding thereafter will be based upon the sum of the player’s average points from the 2017 season. KQOB seeding will be the individual average points.


Wildcards may be allocated if a team who has no current Scottish Tour ranking
enters a Scottish Tour event. Wildcard applications should be made via an email to the SVA office, who will forward onto the Beach Commission, or to the Beach Commission directly. The Beach commission will make a judgement and will base any ranking on previous Scottish Tour results, previous results on other tours and any other relevant Beach Volleyball experience.

Player Ranking / Points

For 2-a-side events, a player's best 5 finishes out of the 6 tournaments will count towards their final ranking. All event results and current player rankings
will be maintained on the SVA website.

The minimum number of teams to make an event viable, and hence make ranking points available, will be 2. The minimum number of viable events on the tour will be 3 to enable a Scottish Champion to be crowned.