City of Edinburgh win all eight national cups as they become history makers *** City of Edinburgh Women come from 2 sets down to win in 5 and take the SVL Premier title *** City of Glasgow Ragazzi men retain their SVL Premier title and will head to Cup Finals to try and win the treble *** Edinburgh Jets win the Men's League One titile today in Dundee *** Kamikaze Seaton are Men’s League Two Champions *** University of Edinburgh II are Women’s League One Champions
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Child Protection Policy

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The Child Protection Policy applies to all of Scottish Volleyball’s officers, employees and volunteers who come into contact with children at any event organised by or held under the authority of and/or any other body affiliated or representative of Scottish Volleyball Association.

As part of the SVA’s commitment to best practise in the care of children, the SVA expects you to comply with the policy and the regulations contained within it.

Child Protection Policy - full policy


Section 1 - Policy Statement

Section 2 - Responding and Reporting

Section 3 - Guidelines

Section 4 - Indications of Abuse

Section 5 - Recruitment

Section 6 - Referrals and Special Considerations


CP1 Form

CP2 Form

CP3 Form

CPIRF Form - Child Protection Incident Report Form

Significant Incident Form

Request For Permission To Use Camera And Video Equipment

Notification to Applicant - Request For Permission To Use Camera And Video Equipment (Example)

Partnership With Parents/Carers Form