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Safe In Care Guidelines

These guidelines provide practical guidance for those working and/or volunteering directly with children on practices to keep children safe and to promote a safe operating environment for the member of staff/volunteer. These guidelines compliment and should be read in conjunction with the Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Children in Sport. Breach of these guidelines may be dealt with under the Scottish Volleyball Association’s Disciplinary Procedure and/or Procedure for Responding to Concerns About a Child.

Sports organisations have a duty of care towards all children involved in activities. Children under the age of 16 years should not be placed in positions of sole responsibility in relation to other children. These guidelines apply to all children and young people under the age of 18 years. Common sense should be applied when considering the circumstances of older children and all children should have the opportunity to express their views on matters which affect them, should they wish to do so.

As sport takes place in many different structures, locations, environments and formats, it is impossible to provide specific guidance on many of the issues covered. The following guidelines are therefore based on generally recognised good practice and common sense. Ultimately, most practical situations will require a judgment to be made about what is practicable and reasonable in the circumstances.

Safe In Care Guidelines (Full)

- Adult to Child Ratios

- Physical Contact

- First Aid & Treatment of Injures

- Sexual Activity

- Managing  Challenging Behaviour

- Transporting Children

- Collection by Parents/Carers

- Trips Away from Home (including overnight stay)

- ICT and Social Media

- Clubhouse and Changing Rooms

- Volunteers aged 18 or Under

- Preventing and Responding to Bullying Behaviour