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The Coaches Commission

The ongoing story……

The Coaches Commission is charged with the responsibility to develop volleyball by John Scrimgeourfocussing on issues related to coaching, coach education and coach development.  Our KPIs (key performance indicators) are structured around working within the SVA’s 2017-21 Strategic Plan, to  help make Scottish Volleyball Bigger-Better-Stronger.


More coaches who are more able at the coaching process,  and more confident in their abilities when working on the coaching floor.  More coaches presenting better sessions and therefore attracting  more kids to play volleyball.


Coaches who have a better understanding of the coaching process, and their own coaching practice,  will present a more accommodating environment to players, and help them acquire and secure a more robust skill set, thereby assisting them to be more successful in the performance development pathways, which in turn will help retain their involvement.


By positively influencing the performance level of the coaches, and then the players, we are increasing the capacity for engagement and competition, and this helps to satisfy needs and ambitions of the personnel who are involved in the game, and therefore encourages them to return and invest more in their involvement with their club, and their performances.

The coach education and development process is a steady 'drip - drip' feed of knowledge, information and support, and the SVA has a strong tradition of successful coach development.

The Commission members are;

Daniel Traylor
(Chair) Coach of City of Edinburgh VC
Ioannis Panayiotakis
Coach of University of Stirling
Ally Jack
Coach of City of Edinburgh VC
Connie Weisenfelder
Asst Coach of SWNTP
Janahan Balasubramaniam Coach of Edinburgh Jets VC
John Scrimgeour Coach of Dundee VC

The Coaches Commission is a strategic development group, but it’s also a practical group which not only forms action plans, it also delivers courses and programmes and produces results.  The Commission meets on a semi regular basis, and has a continuous and very active Email exchange. 

If you want to know more about the functioning of this Commission, or if you would like to know more about how you could join the Coaches Commission and help with the important work we do,  please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at the SVA Office.

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