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John OrrUpdate September 2010

After a busy Summer of Coaches Commission activity it seems appropriate to post an update on some of the projects and developments that have taken place.  There have been several of both, and the work is a constant reminder of the level of support from the many committed volunteers, who give so willingly of their time, their energy and their expertise to drive the SVA’s Strategic Plan 2009/13.

The Strategic Plan asks for Bigger, Better, Stronger – the efforts of those involved are making this a reality.

Collaborative Practice day – In early May the members of the Coaches Commission were joined by members of the Student’s, and the Youth and School’s Commission, to discuss new developments.  It was a lively day, full of good ideas, and the outcomes can already be seen in the changes to the National Schools Cup competition.

First Beach Coaching Course – held on a very cold day in early May on Portobello Beach, the enthusiasts who had committed to the event were warmed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of expert presenter Denise Austin.  This is designed to be the first of several steps into the Beach Coaching realm.

UKSG programme – this programme is one in which the Coaches Commission have a support role.  However, the Northern Development extension of this programme, which saw players form the North East (Aberdeen in particular) selected for the final event in Newcastle was a triumph for all those involved.  The coach mentoring programme, that was a significant element in the success of the Scottish teams in the final event, was also hugely profitable for all concerned – the plans for the next UKSG programme are already taking shape.

Northern Development strategy meeting – this meeting was held in Dundee in August – it looked at the development of volleyball in the North East, and the opportunities which exist to support this development; siting the Curriculum for Excellence course in Huntly – collaborating with Derek Welsh and the sportscotland Regional Hub to deliver a coaching course – working in partnership with Lorne Taylor, Paul McPate and the District Associations to develop a series of initiatives – all in all ‘watch this space’.

The developing UKCC course – the move to embrace the UKCC awards has created both opportunities and challenges.  As part of the review and evaluation exercise Steve Jones from Volleyball England came to Edinburgh to observe and participate in a level I UKCC course (presented by John Orr).  The discussions around the course were intense, the processes demanding, and the outcomes pronounced to be both valid and of a very suitable quality.  Since then courses have been presented in South Queensferry High School (two of them) – Kilmarnock, and Carluke HS – with further courses planned for Glasgow and Dundee (October 2010)

Ongoing UKCC – the development of the volleyball level II UKCC award is very much on the immediate future ‘todo’ list – plans are afoot to get the necessary individuals into the same room at the same time – continue to watch this space…….

The Staff Tutor Seminar – this event took place in July.  It looked at the structures we have for identifying and delivering the UKCC courses – it looked at the roles and responsibilities of the Staff Tutors, and established a set of critical criteria for the continuing development of the group.

Finally, a thanks to all of the many colleagues who have helped support the Summer activities, and who are already tied into helping with the ongoing developments.  If you think there’s something that the CC should be looking into, or have ideas for further developments, you can always contact me through the SVA Office…..

Thomas Dowens
Chair CC
September 10th  2010

Photographs courtesy of Mike McConville – a pensive John Orr (Staff Tutor) and the happy staff of the UKSG West and South Girls’ team.