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2019 District Cup

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Maxmimum 16 Spaces

Tournament Information

Venue - Lynch Sports Centre

Date - 9/2/19


4 Pools of 4 Teams

Timed Matches (Switch sides after each completed set)

Crossover Competitions in Afternoon


Registration Time - 9.15-9.40

First Matches - 09.45

Please give your Collective Licence of all your registered players to the Competition Organiser at registration.

Your payment should have been made to Scottish Volleyball prior to the competition.

Teams who competed in last years Final are seeded #1 and #2 (if entered). Each entry on arrival other than top seeds, will draw a random number out of a hat to be placed in a specific pool.

Teams must have 2 females on court at all times and up to a maximum of 2 SVL players.

Pool Allocation

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4
Scotstoun 2 3 4
8 7 6 5
9 10 11 12
16 15 14 13


Team District Team District
Linlithgow Hornets LBVA Edinburgh Jets LBVA
Team Fife Fife Abertay University B Angus & Dundee
Abertay University A
Angus & Dundee Linlithgow Hornets II LBVA
Orkney 1 Orkney Dunfermline Phoenix Fife
Orkney 2 Orkney Re-Jex LBVA
Bears Red
LBVA Anchor Dundee Angus & Dundee
Bears Blue LBVA Thunder Angus & Dundee
Scotstoun Glasgow Dundee Fishes Angus & Dundee

If you have any questions, please contact Organiser.