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The main remit of the Competitions Advisory Group will be;

 •       To fully supporting the professional “Competitions and Performance Administrator” with interpretation and views of  the existing rules

•       To form jury panels when and if required and to make judgement decisions on player and competition matters.

•       To be available as part of short term working/steering groups, working in partnership with the Competitions and Performance Administrator,  for the creation of new initiatives and structures.

Competitions Advisory Group Members

Competitions Administrator - Martyn Johnstone

Group Members

Simon Hammond - City of Edinburgh VC

Aileen Hall - Caledonia West VC

Mark Berry - Orkney VC

Ben Laurenson - Shetland VC

Michael McConville - Su Ragazzi VC

Renate Kofoed - Jets VC

Kim McLaren - Glasgow Caledonian University VC

Dave Munro - Kinross VC

Kenny Gilchrist - Granite City VC

Douglas Orr - South Ayrshire VC