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Internal Player Transfer Request Form

International Player Transfer Form

Please ensure you send a copy of the players Passport Photo and photo page of the passport to competitions.

International Transfer Certificate Process

The ELECTRONIC INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER PROCEDURE was introduced by the FIVB in 2010 in order to make the ITC procedure more efficient and transparent for all parties – Federations, Clubs and Players.

Following this implementation, CEV in close collaboration with FIVB has introduced further improvements with regard to administrative and transfer fees to be paid in order to facilitate payment for the European National Federations.

The administrative fee for transfers between two National Federations affiliated to CEV must be paid in EUR (Euros) to the CEV Bank account (details below):

For your convenience, CEV has developed two calculators for transfers between European National Federations, one for administrative fees and one for transfer fees which can be accessed by clicking the links below:

The link for the FIVB VIS transfer web platform can be found below, together with the links for downloading the Electronic International Transfer Procedure Manual and the FIVB Sports Regulations.

For any questions, please contact the SVA Transfers Co-ordinator