COVID-19 Guidance Documents & Strategy

Please find the latest information from the Scottish Volleyball Association in relation to COVID-19 and our “Playing it Safe” strategy. These documents will be updated regularly in line with Scottish Government guidance. Please contact Scottish Volleyball directly if you have any questions not covered in the frequently asked question section or the main strategy document.



Clubs can organise training for players aged 12 and over that includes a maximum of 6 people on one side of the court and a maximum of 6 people on the court on the other side (12 people on the court at one time maximum).  However, for all players aged 12 years and over normal physical distancing rules must be followed during play.

This means that normal 6v6 volleyball as we know it is still not possible yet but adapted formats of the game are permitted where physical distance is maintained.

Players, coaches and anyone attending an indoor sports venue must wear a face covering inside the building at all times, except during play.  Face Coverings do not need to be worn throughout the activity, but must be worn immediately before and immediately after play, and in non-playing areas such as changing rooms and toilets.

Yes.  Clubs should also keep their own register of players and coaches who are in attendance for every booking/session to ensure that the club is adhering to Test and Protect procedures as well as the venue.

No, coaches are considered as participants during play and are not required to wear a mask while they are coaching, but as per players, they must wear a mask on arrival to the venue and in non-playing areas such as changing rooms and toilets.  They must also wear a mask to depart the venue and immediately after play.


         Yes. Full 2v2 play for adults is now permitted as long as:

  • you must maintain physical distance where possible during play
  • there is no physical contact between players during play e.g. high fives
  • cleaning and personal hygiene measures are in place to mitigate the risk of transmission, e.g. hand sanitiser for forearms and hands and disinfectant for volleyballs before and after play.

Our mitigation measures as a sport to reduce the risk of players encroaching on the 2m physical distance as outlined by Scottish Government include:

  • For adults, a maximum of 4 players per court (2v2) is permitted to reduce the risk of players encroaching on the 2m distance.
  • We are a non-contact sport
  • We are an outdoor sport

We have robust cleaning and person hygiene guidance that players, coaches and clubs must adhere to at all times.

No. it is not back to normal for outdoor volleyball.  Clubs, coaches and players must be aware of all Scottish Volleyball ‘Play it Safe’ guidance along with Scottish Government guidance and adhere to this at all times. 

If it feels normal, then you are not following guidance and putting people at risk.

Coaches are now permitted to coach more than 4 households per day, but no more than 4 households in any one session.  For example, a coach could coach 1 group of 12 players from 4 other households in the morning. 

The coach could coach 12 new players later on in the day, as long as in that second session there was a maximum of 4 other households attending.

There is no time limit on the length of play according to Government guidance.


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