European SCA Beach Volleyball Finals – Day 1

We’re off to a great start in a sunny and warm Perth for the European SCA Beach Volleyball Finals. Players representing Cyprus, England, Iceland, Ireland, Monaco and Northern Ireland have joined their Scottish counterparts to compete for the European title.
A great partnership between the Scottish Volleyball Association and the local Council of Perth and Kinross allowed for the creation of a new permanent venue for Beach Volleyball. To host the SCA Beach Volleyball finals is a great opportunity for Scotland in terms of the development of the Volleyball movement. The new venue has already created a lot of curiosity amongst the locals. Many kids have joined Scottish Volleyball and its volunteers during the preparation of the finals and have been enjoying the matches along with the sunshine of the first day of finals. The first day of finals had a positive outcome and Scottish Volleyball is looking forward to the second day of the competition from 10 am tomorrow.


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Sean Platts Stobie, Scotland