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The Association Award for someone who has made a significant contribution to the process of teaching, coaching, officiating or administration within Scottish Volleyball.


2016 Winner - Barbara Berx


Bee Berx is the District Organiser for the Aberdeen & South Grampian District Association (ASGDVA). Bee has held this post for two seasons has been incredibly committed to the post which has helped the league be very successful. Due to her efforts the number of fixtures being completed has increased and a district cup competition returned for the first time in many years. She has made improvements to results collation and promotion of the district's activities by setting up an ASGDVA email account & website. 

She has also taken the lead on organising ASGDVA’s support of the Corporate Decathlon’s volleyball event both in 2016 and 2015 which is organised by Activity Mix. This included encouraging volunteers, organising the volunteers, liaising with Activity Mix staff and working on scoring on the day. 

Her involvement in ASGDVA has extended beyond her role as competitions secretary. As noted previously she has developed a website that is easy to access and update for other committee members. An extension of this is the centralised point for ASGDVA documentation on Google docs (e.g. for minutes and entry forms). Bee has been working hard to get more qualified referees in the District. This involved working with SVA and potential participants to identify suitable dates ). This saw a course being put in place earlier in the year. She also took the lead on updating the constitution and getting it adopted by ASGDVA.

People that go above and beyond an take on these organisational task are key to the association. Overall her administration is excellent and has been vital to the leagues success. Despite doing all this for the ASGDVA she remains heavily involved at Beacon VC as Chair and Coach of Beacon Phoenix. 

2016 Barbara Berx
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