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Long Service Award

This award is given to an SVA member who, over a period of many years, has given a high standard of service and extended commitment to the work of the Association.


2016 Winner - Margaret Brown


Margaret Brown retired in 2016 as PE specialist @ Queensferry Cluster Primary Schools.

As City of Edinburgh Volleyball Club celebrated 20 years, it is worth reflecting that all 6 teams have players who were introduced to the game by Margaret. Indeed the City of Edibnrugh reporesentation at the CEV European Championships and 2016 School Games, the majority of CoE players started off volleyball with Margaret.

Not only has Margaret run extra curricular volleyball clubs at her primary schools for over 20 years now, she also took the step of introducing volleyball into the school curriculum as one of the 6 core sports activities. Her schools attended the SVA school festivals programme every year.

It is a testament to Margaret's dedication to volleyball that even in the run up to retirement she has started a new extra curricular volleyball club @ Queensferry primary school to get another generation of players on their way in volleyball.


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