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The Young Volunteer of the Year seeks to recognize the time and effort that a young individual has put into volunteering for the junior or school volleyball club.

The award will be given to a young individual who has made a contribution in the form of exceptional services to their school or club, including (but not limited to) for example as a club administrator or organiser, a volunteer at SVA or school or club events, a referee, a coach or ambassador for volleyball.


2016 Winner - Emma Waldie


Emma has done so much in the last year as a volunteer in volleyball on top of her own school work and volleyball participation as a club and national team athlete both from Indoor and beach disciplines.  The enthusiasm, quality and professionalism that Emma brings to her volunteering is exceptional.

Emma did 1 week of work experience in October 2 supporting the activities and efforts of the SVA East Regional Development Officer, including delivery of volleyball in various schools.

She has passed UKCC level 1 and has coached for 3 days at the City of Edinburgh summer camp August 2015, for 2 days at the October camp 2015, and weekly on Friday afternoons with the CoE U15 and U11 programmes over 38 weeks.  The quality of coaching and the natural enthusiasm of delivery were exceptional for someone Emma's age.

In addition to club and national volleyball she supports the Active Schools Co-ordinator by handing out communications for SVA school festivals for all age groups, chasing up replies and speaking to individual pupils to overcome issues with participation.

Emma has taking lead roles in many idfferent events including volunteered as scorer for the SVA P5-6-7 festival in February  and also the SVA P7-S1 festival in April. She acted as lead organiser of Active Schools Edinburgh Games @ The Hub volleyball tournament in May 2016, overseeing 8 courts, 120 participating primary school athletes and 12 volunteer helpers.


2016 Emma Waldie
2014 Euan Gibson & Lisa Thomson
2013 Marc MCLaughlin