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Stronger Clubs - Club Grant Scheme


The Scottish Volleyball Association provides many different levels of awards to suit the needs of different clubs. All grants provided by the Scottish Volleyball Association will be done so in order to facilitate growth within affiliated clubs and schools. 

Gold Star Project    up to £500  A large project that will make a significant positive impact on the membership of a club
Club Development  up to £250  A contribution towards growing a specific area within a club i.e coaching, officiating, juniors or to aid the starting of a new club
MACvolley up to £125 Start-Up grant for Schools or Student Clubs in order to purchase equipment or to grow participation


Requirements of submissions alongside grant application:

Affiliation to Scottish Volleyball Association (if not already provided)

Child Protection Policy (or adoption of Scottish Volleyball’s Policy)

Stronger Clubs Development Plan (With the exception of MACvolley grant applications)

Constitution (With the exception of School Volleyball Clubs)

Details of Club Bank Account (Or School Bank Account)

Must have an SVO (student club's only)


Please note:

All grants can be reclaimed if the criteria agreed is not met

Grants should be applied for between July and March

Application Form

For more information on grants please contact Graeme Spowart