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Honorary Life Membership Nomination for BVF Stalwart

Mr. Denis Le Breuilly’s dedication to the activities and development of World ParaVolley is perhaps best illustrated by the number of roles he has undertaken for the movement over the years.

Denis began his contribution as a Referee from 1992 when he attended and passed the International Referee Course in London. His Refereeing career in World ParaVolley continued until 2001. In fact his Refereeing career was so significant that he was the first British Referee to have officiated in international matches in 4 disciplines: FIVB (indoor and Beach Volleyball)and World ParaVolley (Sitting and Standing Volleyball).

As an administrator, Denis has held the roles of Secretary of the Referee Commission, Chair of the Rules Committee, Chair of the Constitution Committee, interim General Manager, and Sport Director – all at the World ParaVolley level.

Denis’ ParaVolley technical knowledge has enabled him to effectively deliver the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games on behalf of World ParaVolley as the Technical Delegate. He has also acted as Technical Delegate at numerous other World ParaVolley international events.

In addition, Denis is currently a Referee and Technical Official Tutor that enables him to conduct training and education courses around the world.

Why is the service worthy of recognition?

The most compelling case for the recognition of Denis’ service has been his dedication. As Sport Director since 2010, Denis has virtually been working full-time for World ParaVolley to this day. This role has required the supervision and support of various Commissions, including Technical, Referee, Coaches, Sport Research, Athlete, Classification, Anti-Doping and Medical Research – an enormous job in itself. Only recently have the last 4 of these Commission responsibilities been passed onto another Board Member. Being Sport Director has involved the development of a 3-step pathway for the qualification and accreditation of staff and the delivery of the education and training courses. Add to that the responsibility of being a member of the Board of Directors, the case for recognition on the basis of commitment is clear.

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