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Thomas Dowens, Director of Coaching Retires from SVA

Thomas Dowens the SVA Director of Coaching retired today from 18 years of service from the Association. It is a day that many of us never really saw coming and one which we truly celebrate the success, achievement, professionalism and dedication on the man to our sport, with all his colleagues, friends and members.

Today 28th September 2018 saw Thomas hang up his coaching clip board and receives the Associations “Lifetime Membership award” - therefore we never lose him from either our sport or our life!

Thomas over the years has been our National Team Coach and Chair of the SVA Coaching Commission. He has influenced so many young, talented and aspiring coaches both within the indoor game and more recently in beach volleyball. Thomas has been the SVA’s go to person on all things coaching and his reputation within other organisation’s such as sportscotland and Education Scotland, is exceptional.

Since Thomas’s decision to retire was announced internally only a few weeks ago I have been inundated with correspondence wishing him the best of retirements and to share their views on how much he shall be missed by all.

Scottish Volleyball owes so much to a person who has given his time, energy, enthusiasm, expertise and above all passion to our great sport and to say he shall be greatly missed is an understatement.

Thomas Dowens SVA Director of Coaching, said recently, “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work for Scottish Volleyball for so many years and I wish good luck, success and a very happy future to all”

Margaret Ann Fleming SVA CEO, quoted on the news of Thomas’s retirement “I was shocked, I could not imagine the SVA without him but then I thought of all his fabulous achievements and how these successes has moved our sport and Association forward and I am grateful and thankful to him for the huge amount of years in service and his total commitment to us all”

In-order to continue and support the on-going business of the Association the SVA welcomes John Scrimgeour (who will continue to use the SVA coaching email address) into the office on an interim part-time basis for the next couple of months, to cover essential coaching communication and course programmes, with the new Coaching position being advertised in the near future.

On behalf of the Staff, Board, Commissions, members and volunteers we wish Thomas a fantastic retirement from the Association and we look forward to seeing him back with his club and the Young Senior men’s squads in the New Year.