City of Edinburgh win all eight national cups as they become history makers *** City of Edinburgh Women come from 2 sets down to win in 5 and take the SVL Premier title *** City of Glasgow Ragazzi men retain their SVL Premier title and will head to Cup Finals to try and win the treble *** Edinburgh Jets win the Men's League One titile today in Dundee *** Kamikaze Seaton are Men’s League Two Champions *** University of Edinburgh II are Women’s League One Champions
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Grade 1 Referee Course

At the Play offs on the weekend of the 13th & 14th of April, the Referee Commission ran a highly successful Grade 1 course for referees.

Participants included Dave Cormie, Stephen Lawrie and Ken Fraser.  The candidates presented “papers” to the other candidates and staff tutors on given topics, and explored some of the theory of self-evaluation.

The standard of play – and of refereeing – was extremely high, and it can fairly be said that the matches benefited from the standard of officiating.  The course was run by Sandy Steel with Brian McDougall and John Swan.

Grade 1 Candidates now will progress to the next phase of the Grade 1 involving appointment to National League Games.