Registering For Scottish Volleyball School Festivals

Affiliation means becoming a member of the National Association. You can do this regardless of the level or nature of your involvement in Scottish Volleyball. By affiliating, you will identify your interest in the sport and in its future, and you will act to improve the register of members that forms the basis of a strong local and national network of “Volleyballers”. The register of members also provides numerical support for the Volleyball in Scotland’s standing in the eyes of the media, local authorities, grant aiding bodies, etc.

Your affiliation will enable you to access benefits available only to members – some of which are explained below:

– Access to the SCHOOL FESTIVAL PROGRAMME and participation events for all age groups, genders, all over the country. 

– Participate in the SCOTTISH SCHOOLS CUP, which has access for all ages groups and genders, a great opportunity for competition and for a change to be part of the big day that is the national schools cup finals day. 

– Enter and participate in the Junior SVL, this is a national development league for schools and clubs at U18 and U16 level

– Enter and Participate in the Junior Scottish Cup competitions, The U18 Cup is a one day event with great exposure to other teams from around the country. The top two teams qualify for a place in the COCO5 Cup Finals Weekend. 

– Access to the SVA Coaching Provision and opportunities for Staff CPD, teaching clinics, UKCC, introductory courses for pupils, assisted delivery and much more. 

– Ability to nominate and link pupils into the Flying Scots Cadet Programme, which is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to represent their school and get a step onto the performance pathway

– Access to the Stronger Clubs Grant Scheme, to assist school with development projects and equipment 

– Be part of the SVA Awards programme and have the ability to nominate and recognise pupils and staff through awards such as the SVA Development Award and the Young Volunteer of the Year Award. 

– Support from Scottish Volleyball’s dedicated Regional Development Staff.