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The Scottish Schools Cup is a great competition accessible to all Scottish schools with a School Club Membership with the SVA (including School Club Constitution).  Participating students must also be a registered SVA School Member to compete for the National title.

This year’s competition is taking a new look at how we offer this National competition in a manageable format for the school, teachers and students we work with.

The 2018/2019 Scottish Schools Cup will extend to include both Indoor and Beach disciplines for both boys and girls.

We are raising the standard of the S5/S6 indoor Scottish Schools Cup final by including it at our National Cup Finals 2019.The boys and girls finals will be played on a single court arena with grand stand seating and a specialist taraflex court.

Scottish Schools Cup Indoor S3/4 & S5/6 for boys and girls entries open from the 10th of October 2018 and close on the 23rd of January 2019/19th March 2019.

Places for the S5/6 boys and girls Scottish Schools cup are limited to 10 teams per gender with a maximum of 1 team per gender per school. Please ensure that you are available for both the qualifcation and the finals dates for the S5/6 indoor competiton. Dont forget that the finals will be played as a part of the SVA Cup Finals Weekend on the show court with international standard set up and seating for 500+ spectators.

Entry for the indoor S3/4 Scottish Schools cup will close on the 19th of March 2019 with a maximum of 3 teams per school per gender and 16 teams per gender. The S3/4 competion will be played across one day with eventual Cup finals played on the same day.

Scottish Schools Cup 2018/2019

Age Stage Date Venue Girls
S3/4 Finals 20th March 2019 Kelvin Hall, Glasgow Complete Complete
S5/6 Qualification 24th January 2019 The Lynch, Dundee
Complete Complete
S5/6 Finals 12th April 2019 The Pleasance, Edinburgh

Scottish Schools Cup 2018/2019 Indoor Infogram

Age Stage Date Venue Girls
S2/3/4 Finals 12th June 2019 Portobello Beach, Swim Centre, Edinburgh Enter Enter
S4/5/6 Finals 12th June 2019 Portobello Beach, Swim Centre, Edinburgh Enter Enter

Scottish Schools Cup 2018/2019 Beach Infogram

For more information or any questions please e-mail Regional Development Officers:

Lynne Beattie (East)

Andrew Fleming (West)





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