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This year is an exciting year for the competition as we look forward to the infux of new school programmes entering the competition on the back of the regional development support network. 

To enter the competition the process is very simple, you just need to fill in an online form stating your category and school name!

Before your first match you just need to send the details of your players though via the player registration form, which will be emailed out with the fixtures. 

This page contains all you need to know about Scottish Volleyball's Schools Cup Competition. 

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask our Participation Officer GRAEME


  • Participation any Scottish Volleyball School's competition is only open to affiliated schools. If not already affiliated your school can affiliated HERE. Or contact the SVA OFFICE who can provide you with an onine account to affiliate. 
  • The competition has a single entry form, which can be completed online. 
  • Upon registering you will recieve confirmation of your entry, after the deadline the organiser will send out fixtures and guidence for the competition. 
  • The enter process for all School competitions is FREE. The only costs associated with School Cups £2.50 per pupil. This entitles this pupils to play in all school festivals and Schools Cup competitions for the entirety of the 2016-2017 season. 
  • This process of registering the individual pupils participation is an essential requirement for Scottish Volleyball as an association. 
  • There are two ways to register your pupils. You can register them via your online SVA account (please contact KIRSTEEN for details) or the easiest way it to just fill in the spreadsheet that will be sent out alongside the fixture information. 
  • Payment can be Invoiced on triannuall basis from the SVA office. Non-payment will result in the school being unable to participate in any further school volleyball competitions. 


  • The first phase of the competition will be split into three regional pools based on geographical regions, with the exception of the P7/S1.
  • All teams will play a minimum of two matches and a maximum of four during the first phase.  
  • The top two from each regional pool (North, East & West) will progress to the semi-final stage. 
  • All players must be pupils at the school that they are participating with. They must also be registered at the school at the time of the match being played
  • The format is designed to have maximum flexibility for organising matches, to allow schools to arrange fixtures to suit them, in a ever challenge climate for school participation. Schools will be given all their fixtures for their regional pool and a deadline to play them, allowing flexibility into when best to play their games. 
    S4/5/6 Full Sized 6v6 Mikasa MVA200
    S2/3 Badminton Court (Outside Lines) 4v4 Mikasa MVA200
    P7/S1 Badminton Court (Inside Lines) 3v3 Mikasa SV-3