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Pre-match Organisation

  • Confirm that facilities have been booked for all home matches. (two hours to be booked for each match).
  • Contact opposition at least ten days in advance of fixture to confirm that they are able to play and to allow sufficient time to cancel/alter facilities in the event of an unforeseen difficulty.
  • Provide travel directions where required.
  • Confirm date and time with own players and arrange qualified and registered officials for the match. In event of no officials being readily available, contact your local volleyball association to arrange  alternative qualified, registered officials.
  • Ensure that strips and volleyballs are available, including a match ball.


Match Organisation

  • Arrange for your team to arrive at least 30minutes before the booked time.  This will allow time to meet, confirm players and, if anyone is delayed, there should still be some time to allow them to be contacted.
  • Before anyone starts warming up, ensure that the appropriate equipment is out and set up:
  • Team benches; score table/chairs and scoreboard; national league score sheets and pen; antennae on net and net at appropriate height; referees stand.
  • Welcome the visiting team captain, and ensure that the players know where to change.
  • Welcome the officials.  If they are not from the club, ensure that payment if settled before the match starts (payment rates are identified in the SVA handbook, which you should receive on registration with the SVA).  It is important that club captains assume responsibility as host.  It is not acceptable for officials simply to arrive without welcome, or for opposition teams not to be welcomed before the match.


Post-match Organisation

  • On completion of the match, ensure that the score sheet is correctly completed and send it off to the Development Co-ordinator immediately.  Give a copy to the opposition for their records and keep a copy for your own club records.
  • Invite the visiting team to your local bar or sponsor and ensure that players mix.  A significant feature of participating in sport is the opportunity provided to meet others and socialise after competition.  Please be accommodating to opposition teams.
  • Communicate the result to your Sports Union President, for inclusion on the BUSA web site.
  • Relax and know that another match is over and you have done your job well once more!