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Scottish Universities Volleyball Cup

The Scottish Universities Volleyball Cup was traditionally the only formal university volleyball competition played during the season, the winner being declared the Scottish Universities Champions for that particular year.  Scottish Universities Cup competitions have been taking place for nearly forty years!

It was only in the late 80s that regular league competition was introduced for Scottish Universities Volleyball.  Initially the winning Cup team was crowned “Scottish Universities Champion”, but with the introduction of league competition, it is recognised that playing all teams throughout the season is more representative and reflective of sustained team performance, than playing a limited number of teams in one day.  However, like any Cup competition, the Scottish Universities Cup is much sought after and carries considerable kudos in the student game.
With introduction of BUSA (British Universities Sports Association) leagues in 1994, the opportunity arose for the best Scottish Universities teams to test themselves against the best teams in England for the title of British Universities Champions.  The top two teams in the Scottish Universities “Conference” (recognised as one of five divisions within BUCS) now progress to the last sixteen stage of the BUCS Cup and if successful in their knock-out match against English opposition, progress to the BUCS Finals Day at Loughborough University in March, where the top eight men’s and women’s teams compete for the title of British Universities Champion.

In the history of the BUCS Cup competition, Edinburgh University women and Glasgow men have both managed to reach the final – Glasgow University men famously beating Loughborough University 16-14 in the final set at Loughborough in 2000, to be crowned best university volleyball team in Britain!

In recent times Dundee University women have brought back two silver medas from the BUCS Championships and Edinburgh University men a bronze medal.

The Scottish Universities Cup competitions continue for both men and women and now provide the only opportunity in a busy calendar, for Scottish Universities Div. 1 and Div. 2 university teams to test themselves against each other.  The Cup is a unique gathering of student teams and provides an excellent advertisement for the energy and enthusiasm within the student game.


Scottish Universities Men’s Volleyball Cup Winners
1970 University of Edinburgh 1995 University of Edinburgh
1971 University of Edinburgh 1996 Heriot-Watt University
1972 University of Edinburgh 1997 University of Edinburgh
1973 University of Glasgow 1998 University of Aberdeen
1974 University of Aberdeen 1999 University of Edinburgh
1975 University of Stirling 2000 University of Glasgow
1976 University of Strathclyde 2001 University of Edinburgh
1977 University of Edinburgh 2002 University of Glasgow
1978 Heriot Watt University 2003 University of Aberdeen
1979 University of Glasgow 2004 Edinburgh Napier University
1980 University of Strathclyde 2005 University of Stirling
1981 Heriot Watt University 2006 Heriot Watt University
1982 Heriot Watt University 2007 University of Edinburgh
1983 University of Edinburgh 2008 University of Edinburgh
1984 University of Edinburgh 2009 University of Edinburgh
1985 Heriot Watt University 2010 University of Dundee
1986 University of Edinburgh 2011 University of Edinburgh
1987 Heriot Watt University 2012 University of Edinburgh
1988 Heriot Watt University 2013 University of Edinburgh
1989 Heriot Watt University 2014 University of Edinburgh
1990 University of Edinburgh 2015 University of Edinburgh
1991 University of Edinburgh 2016 University of Strathclyde
1992 University of Edinburgh 2017 University of Strathclyde
1993 University of Edinburgh

1994 Heriot Watt University