Men's League One 2018 League Table

1University of Edinburgh1082224101026160.629428580.52321
2Edinburgh Jets1055230311022180.558858520.50918
3Glasgow Mets101910022509270.257068330.4595
4Edinburgh Jets0000000000000.00000.0000
4Edinburgh Jets II0000000000000.00000.0000

P: Played, W: Won, L: Lost, SW: Sets won, SL: Sets lost, SR: Sets ratio, PW: Points won, PL: Points lost, PR: Points ratio

Criteria used to determine positions
1st Criteria: Ranking Points (*Ranking points are awarded for the following results: 3-0 or 3-1: 3 points, 3-2: 2 points, 2-3: 1 point, 1-3 or 0-3: 0 points, Forfeit: -1 point)
2nd Critera: Match won 3rd Criteria: Percentage of sets Won
4th Criteria: Percentage of points won
5th Criteria: ‘Head to Head’ Results